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As a business owner, you will obviously want your property to be safe and secure. This will also include the garage where you keep all the cars. Moreover, if you have a business where you need to send technicians out to the house of the customers within a short period of time, you will need the garage door to be safe enough so that no intruder can come in.

Commercial garages are huge and naturally, the garage doors are huge too. You cannot even compare the size of the personal garages to commercial garages. The doors of commercial garages need to be maintained every now and then to make sure they are safe enough.

But if you think that the doors are not working as they should, it will be best to get in touch with Gates Repairs. We are the leading commercial garage door repair company and it is our duty to make sure that the doors in your garage are back in their proper working condition.

We guarantee our services and our friendly staff are up to date on all the latest and greatest technology. We're not happy until you're happy.
Our services

At Gates Repairs, we are dedicated to provide commercial services for any garage door that comes our way. You can call us immediately when you notice something wrong with the garage door. We will make sure that our technicians visit your garage and give an estimation of the cost of repairs. They are very honest with their inspections and will tell you the most cost-effective solution that will help to fix the garage door. There are many things that can go wrong with these doors.

Some of the most common services that we normally provide are as follows:

Repairing or replacing
garage door tracks

We have often seen many commercial garages that have doors opening side to side. These doors run on tracks with rollers fitted under the bottom of the door. However, there are times when these tracks get dented or maybe the rollers don’t work because they don’t have the greasing required. It can be a combination of many things but that is not important to us. We always try to find the root cause that is creating the problem with the garage door and once we find that, we work to make sure that that problem does not exist.

Replacing garage door openers

No garage door repair work is too big or small for us. On one hand, we can replace and install new tracks of your commercial garage door, and on the other hand, we can also repair or replace the garage door opener too.

It is our undying passion for this job that makes us want to take every challenge that is thrown at us by our customers. The best part about Gates Repairs is that we work on any brand of product that you provide us with.

We leave it to our customers to decide whether they want us to come with new openers or not. Gates Repairs has all the branded products that are available in the market to suit your requirement.

Installing new garage doors
garage door repaira and installation residential

When you have a commercial garage, you need to spend heavily on the doors to keep the cars safe. That doesn’t mean you should get iron gates. There are many modern gates that provide ample security to commercial garages and we can provide such garage doors to you.

We will not only sell those garage doors but will also install them so that you don’t have to worry about installation charges. Our technicians have years of experience when it comes to repairing and installing garage doors for commercial services and they will do their best to make your garage a more secure place.

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Why choose Gates Repairs?

With so many companies around, why would you want to choose us? That is a question every customer had in their mind before hiring us but once they did, they did not think about changing their service provider. 

Here are some of the reasons why we are different from the others:
  • No extra cost for emergency services – we understand that a damaged garage door is an emergency. Just like you can’t wait when there is something wrong with the plumbing in your property, similarly, waiting to get the commercial garage door fixed is not a wise decision. But we never take advantage of this situation. Whether it is early morning or at the dead of night, we do not charge anything extra for commercial services. In fact, we provide same day repairs and installation for all types of commercial garage doors. Our technicians will inform the cost of the installation or the repair and you can confirm instantly.
  • Licensed and certified – two of the most important factors that customers want to see in a reliable company is the license of the company and the certification of the technicians. We have got both. Our company is fully licensed and the technicians who work for us are certified to be professional garage door repair workers. So, you can count on for the quality of service. They will provide exceptional installation service and there will be a warranty period on the services provided.
  • No hidden costs – Gates Repairs does not lure its customers with attractive offers that have hidden costs in them. You pay the exact amount that our technicians tell you and not a penny more.
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